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braiiiinz... ;P [17 May 2006|06:06am]
[ mood | bored ]


other stu... err, I mean wonderful things...Collapse )

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I'm lame, yay ;P [04 May 2006|06:48pm]
[ mood | amused ]

How do You like my *ekhm* wonderful *ekhm* banner? ;]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

L to R: Jun (ex-Pierrot ;_______;), Anza (HEADPHONES PRESIDENT <3), Hiroto (alice nine, that was reaaaaally hard to guess xD)- of course, there's still some guy from Fairy Fore (?) who was born 4.05, and for example Audrey Hepburn <3 and so on, but I'm too lazy to look for any pictures of them xD Nor am I stupid enough to add my pic ;P

Ah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sarenh, Your b-day is tommorow, right? x]

* * *

How did You spend, let's say "holidays"? (I mean, I dunno if there's something like that in other countries and I'm too lazy to check that... xD)

Huh, this time I didn't even spend the whole time by the computer x] Instead I'd been doing something very old-Mill-like, I mean, drinking cheap wine/bear/champagne/whatever w/ mah dear friends x] (of course, I didn't pay for any of these x]) Began on Friday xDDDDD It was extremely funny especially when I had to get up at 6AM on Tuesday and go to work. Ha-ha xD

Now I feel ill and I'm trying to finish "The Vampire Armand" xD And keep dlding Placebo clips. Yeah, I think I have soft spot for guys looking like nice girls.

Oh, and I finished my b&w furnitures xD

* * *

Ah, and I have to say sth...

POWODZENIA NA MATURZE, ŁOSIE!!! :D Jestem pewna, że Wam dobrze pójdzie x]

Huh. Finito ;D
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Gee... [28 Apr 2006|12:09am]
[ mood | complaining... ]

Mooo~u, I'm gonna be 22 in a week. I feel old =v=' 

Gimme some b-day gifts to make me feel better ;P You know... A fic. Or an art. Or anything x]

* * *

Hmmm... Will any of You go to the Gazette live in Bonn? I wonder if there's a chance to meet any of You... I'm gonna go with akaban and see both lives... I hope so, that is. If we get the tickets... >.>'

At least, I need to go to ANY J-rock live, even better if that will be Gazette <3 After giving up on MUCC live, now I'm kinda... desperate xD

* * *

Oh, and don't worry if I stop updating. That'll probably mean I got blind _^_' I spend far too much time by computer (trying to complete my CD list, reading Your entries (but usually I'm too lazy to leave any comment, sorry, gotta change that >.>') or doing completly nothing _^_'  I dunno why it takes so much time xD) or reading (ex.? I've read 'The rule of four' and 'Da Vinci code' past err... 4 days? xD) or watching movies/lives/whatever... And there are still some more I need to watch. And tommorow night I'm gonna spend about 5h watching horror (?) movies at cinema... _^_'  Yeah... =.='

Blood-shoot eyes are sooo kewl xD G'nite xD

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3 things x] [19 Apr 2006|11:27pm]
[ mood | should get some sleep... ]

I'm more fucked up than I thought; I spent last few hours making small black squares X.x'... And now I have BlAcK & WhItE checkered furnitures in my room... Too much of Mukku & Merii for my poor brain? After all, I've been listening to them all day long... _^_'

Huuuh... And I'm gonna continue doing that tommorow coz shit happend and I bought too little of black... err, You know, that glued paper xD  And I couldn't finish my wonderful art xD Yay, I'm so creative...

* * *

*loool* And here You have just one more picture from Czestochowa...  Okee, so maybe I look kinda idiotic... But I really DO like the way this photo look as wholesome, with old buildings reflected in windows of a teh trainstation x]

...okee, that was lame xD

* * *

And You know what...? 

 Hiro's hot x]

Just check that entry: http://community.livejournal.com/jrock_scans/505875.html#cutid1

Okee... As for now... G'night! x]
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*OMG, she's alive! xD* [18 Apr 2006|01:04am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Yay, I decide to write an actual post, other than the last one-liner xDDDD Buuut, I have to warn You, this would be rather short one since it's 1:25AM yet and I have to get up at 6AM xDDDD Yeah, the problem is yesterday I went sleep abt umm... 5AM x] and I don't feel like sleeping NOW at all xDDDD

*lool* You could wonder what interesting I've been doing then...? Don't ask. I'm afraid I lose my mind- waiting for new MYV PV to download doesn't mean I'm the most normal person in this world. Fangirls can't be normal. Snd I act like one xDDDD

..yeah, I <3 this new single *hides under her desk* EVERY song. I know the lyrics xD Fuck xDDDD

Hmm, and I <3 that new Despa single, with long&Japanese-title-I-don't-remember. Really. And I like the first song the most, and my friends are worried bout me and my fangirlish state of mind.

...I'm sooo freakin' dark & evil xDDD I even bought myself white shoes x] Ha-ha xD

And I'm fat, and my arse hurts, coz I've been riding a bike yesterday.

Aaaand I joined another RPG and I'm Daigo xD eien no space cowboooy ;]

Aaaaaaaaaand fucking photobucket doesn't wanna co-operate atm, so You won't see my newest picsoh, so maybe You'll see them actually xD Not like they're worth of seeing anyways, but here You go... (all pics taken last Saturday /15.04/ in Czestochowa) I'm to lazy to comment on each and every one of them, soo... xD Ah, and You can see my new hair color, even if I look like a shit _^_'

Ah, and I got married w/ @ngel, but I was laughing too much to take any photo then, sorry x]

Image hosting by Photobucket

click!Collapse ) GOOD NIGHT! :*
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[12 Apr 2006|06:09pm]
Pierrot breaks up ;__________;

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huuh, I'm still alive ne ;P [31 Mar 2006|06:48pm]
[ mood | weird ]

No posts for a month or so... And still I'm to lazy to be creative & write anything... err... interesting xD Or, at least, a decent note xD Instead, I stole something from shikijoukyou (...who nudged me to write something xDDDD...)... Answer, pwease! ;]

o1. who are you?

o2. are we friends?

o3. when and how did we meet?

o4. what am i to you?

o5. would you date me?

o6. give me a nickname and explain why you picked it.

o7. describe me in one word.

o8. what was your first impression of me?

o9. do you still think that way about me now?

1o. what reminds you of me?

11. if you could give me anything what would it be?

12. how well do you know me?

13. when's the last time you saw me?

14. ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?

15. are you going to put this on your blog and see what i say about you?

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=.=' [06 Mar 2006|01:55pm]
[ mood | zzzZzzzzzZzz ]

ZzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... *sleeps soundly face first on a keyboard xD*

...my mother thinks I'm crazy, I didn't sleep last night at all, just watched Oscars xDDDDD (it began about 1AM, my time _^_'). And then went to work. Of course, now I'm kinda disappointed (and deadly tired xD), coz 'Brokeback Mountain' didn't get the Best Picture Oscar... But anyways... It was worth of it :D

But now... *falls asleep again* ZzzzZZZzzzzZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzz...

* * *

Other than that...

Join baku_chiku community!!! (sorry, PL only xD)
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To PPL who watched Brokeback Mountain... [04 Mar 2006|09:46am]
[ mood | curious ]

...whaddya think happen with Jack? spoilerCollapse )

I'm just curious of Your opinion on this one x]

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[01 Mar 2006|05:13pm]
[ mood | high ]

check this post. now!!!

*laughing hysterically*

Thank You, tigerpal, <3 Ya for that! :D

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Yay x] [22 Feb 2006|03:45pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today is a wonderful day.

Payday x].

That means I can buy some things I REALLY need (like... some B-T stuff ;P)

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Yay, I'm back ;D [14 Feb 2006|01:50pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

*loool* You thought I let You forget bout meh? x] NO WAY! Life's brutal and all that stuff ;P

Anyways... Guess w00t I'm gonna say right now... xDDDD

Image hosting by Photobucket

Dunno what's wrong with meh... I've always felt so down & lonely & betrayed & all on 14.02... But today it's just another day of my boring life, and I'm in pretty good mood even if I'm sure I'll end all alone in the end _^_' maybe I'm just used to that thought? x]

Other than that... Ummm... Not sure if You'd like to see that... Anyways, here You have some photos from Cracow.Collapse )
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*rotfl* [26 Jan 2006|03:26pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Image hosting by Photobucket

A-hahahahaaaa~! *laughing hystrically* Look look! Teh Sadako is here! I mean... Gisho's here ;]

...that's why I love long&black-haired guys ;]

P.S. il_pleut, Your b-day present just has to wait a bit to be scanned eventually ;P *doesn't have scanner at home xD* Yeah, actually I drew You something last night ^.^v Aaaand... that's easy to guess... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D (*loool* another day, another b-day x])
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Halleluyah! xD [25 Jan 2006|08:22am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

It's just about -5°C outside, the temperature I can stand... x]

BUt that's not the main reason I'm posting. WTF is wrong with those LJ-communities...? I can't join any, same with leaving!!! >.>' Just... dunno xD It's kinda annoying. Am I the only one with such a problem...? I checked it on three other computers, so I don't think so, but... xDDDD

And, on a random note... My new hobby xD (or so it seems xD)Collapse )

BTW: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LI!!! Sorry, no banner this time, I suck _^_'

...and I should go back to work. Chu~! :****

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Thoughts after the weekend.... [23 Jan 2006|07:36pm]
[ mood | cold ]

1) Hey, someone actually STILL reads this... amazingly interesing journal. Thanks guys :D ...even though one of You has a problem with me and don't even have enough balls to tell me Their name...

2) I HATE KIDS. And I dunno why they can't hate me as well, it seems just the opposite >.>' I don't wanna be hugged and kissed and licked X.x'... and... blah xD for the whole evening by some 3-year-old kid xD Like I'm some big teddybear or doll or I dunno, I don't wanna be a toy anyways xDDDDD *cries* (I'd make an ugly and traumatizng toy I think xD) And she didn't want to stop, even her parents were sorry for that xD Kill kill kill... xDDDDDD

3) Why the heck it has to be so bloody cold?!? It's even worse since it was like +5°C on Saturday and yesterday and today it's like -25°C. Hey, I even have to take out some ugly- beige- winter coat! And I despise that colour very much xD Even more than I despise winter clothes, they're so inconvenient xD
Winter sucks xD

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HOW DO YOU LIKE MY NEW HAIR? ;] [20 Jan 2006|06:05pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Image hosting by Photobucket

yeah, I visited teh hairdresser yesterday... ;]Collapse )
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<3 [18 Jan 2006|07:22pm]
[ mood | silly ]

OMFGackt THAT'S THE BEST CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR PRESENT I'VE EVER GOTTEN!!! x_____X' (nevermind I got it just yesterday ;P)

I mean...Just take a look...Collapse ) EDIT: Sorry for killing Your friendpage yesterday. Shit happend and it didn't read right my lj-cut xD Me no baka xD

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...say anything.... [16 Jan 2006|04:14pm]
[ mood | curious ]

yay, Eggz-Japan rules ;D

Anonymous comments on, IP logging off. (you don't have to be anonymous if you don't want to though)

(stolen from il_pleut)

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random bitching ;P [12 Jan 2006|05:03pm]
[ mood | weird ]

I hate my daily routine, as fucked up as it seems:

6:00 (6AM) - Milly wakes up xDDDDD (haha, I didn't believe that's possible ^^;;;;;)
6:15-7:15 (6:15AM-7:15PM) - does all that necessary stugg & tries not to be late at work xD
7:30-15:30 (7:30AM-3:30PM) - works xDDDDD does all the unnecessary stuff xD I'm to lazy to write about xD
15:30-17:00 (3:30PM-5PM) - spends some more time at work, using wonderful public internet connection ;P (*loool* I'm a work-a-holic? ;P)
17:30 (5:30PM) - at home
17:30-18:00 (5:30PM-6PM) - eats sth and all that stuff xDDDDD
18:00-22:30/23:00 (6PM-10:30/11PM) - sleeps X.x'
22:30/23:00-24:00 (10:30-11PM-12PM) - just fools around. and draws xD (yeah, I still keep on trying-to-draw-GOOD-Atsushi-pic xD)
24:00-3:00/3:30 (12PM-3/3:30AM) - molest the poor computer xDDDDDD
3:45 (3:45AM) - goes to sleep X.x'

Nope, sleeping at night isn't possible. Everytime I try to sleep all night long- go to sleep around 23/24 (11-12PM xD) etc. xD- I end up waking up about 4:00 (4AM). Life sucks ;P

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discovery xDDDD [10 Jan 2006|05:46pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

I know why '13kai wa gekkou' traumatized me THAT much. Bass lines. They seem to much like a heartbeat. Or footsteps. Or sth like that. And leave it to my imagination (and paranoia xD) that I'd be SURE there's someone behind my back. Especially when it's about 2AM, I'm home alone and the only source of light in the whole apartment is the monitor of my comp. Yeah.

And when I've seen one clown too much xD.

I'm SOOO not gonna check if I'm right xD

Looking at the album/DVD related pictures I got this strange feeling that's just the way they wanted us, poor listeners, to feel.

I ABSOLUTELY ADMIRE U-TA FOR HIS BASS-PLAYING ABILITY (and the feeling he can create). BLOODY GOOD JOB. 'k, I admire all the B-T guys, they're marvelous musicans.

* * *

Other than that...
See...? My New Year resolution xD:

In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Be kinky more often.

Get your resolution here

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